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2015-10-05 11:09 pm

YT 2015

Just my requests, since I didn't write a letter last year and now it's 2016. Excuse the formatting, I haven't used LJ in about two years.

Here are my old letters:
2014 - http://tanrien.livejournal.com/204669.html
Others: Yuletide 2013 ( http://tanrien.livejournal.com/204466.html ) , Yuletide 2012 ( http://tanrien.livejournal.com/198543.html ), Yuletide 2011 ( http://tanrien.livejournal.com/184332.html ), and Yuletide 2010 ( http://tanrien.livejournal.com/152300.html ).
My username this/every year is tahanrien.

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2013-10-23 02:23 am

Yuletide 2014: Dear Author

Dear wonderful Yuletide Author!

First of all, thank you very much for writing for me. :))) I'll be extremely happy about anything you think of, so you can use this letter as inspiration should you need it, but don't feel bound by it. I haven't been given a single bad story in all the years I did Yuletide and I know for sure, like, a billion percent of being sure, that your story will be awesome as well.

Okay, here my requests:
1. Tomb Raider (Video Game) - Lara Croft
Badass!Lara either directly after the events of the 2013 game or later on.
2. Monkey Island - Guybrush Threepwood
Pirates (and Guybrush) as concepts in the MI world or the impact the characters (Guybrush or Elaine or whoever you want) made on it, if that makes sense :)
3. Clash of Clans (videogame) - Archer Queen (Clash of Clans)
I'd be interested in seeing something about the relations in the village, between the different groups and characters, or about the characters themselves and their role.

You can find my requests in long form at the bottom of this post again. :)

My past years letters are here: Yuletide 2013, Yuletide 2012, Yuletide 2011, and Yuletide 2010.
My username this year is tahanrien.

I feel like I'm really repeating myself in these letters, so I'll try to keep this one short and if you feel like you want or need more details, feel free to check out the previous letters or ask the Admins to contact me.

I prefer long stories, but also stories about settings and ones that dive into the feelings or connections characters made/have. Stories that explore the connections of the characters with each other or with aspects of their selves or with the setting, because that often falls short in canon. For example, I am a huge fan of the Outsider POV and of another side character recognizing how brilliant the main character is or how much they managed to get done, their impact in the world, their connections to places, this stuff. I love badass female characters. I'm super fine with sex and kinks that are not too extreme like, you know, the really extreme deep end of 4chan kind. I like femslash and gen most, then slash, and lastly het, though I noticed that with Yuletide stories, I don't really rate it that way - this is just my "normal", outside-Yuletide reading practice. I don't think it influences my requests this year, except maybe for the Tomb Raider one.

So yeah, thank you so much for writing for me. I'm looking forward to your story so much, you can't even imagine. I'm actually pretty sure it will make the holidays for me. No pressure, haha. :)) No, really, don't worry too much, don't stress yourself, I'll love whatever you go for.

And, thanks again. Most of all, I want you to have fun writing for me. That's it. :)))


Now, lastly, my requests in long form are behind the cut )
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2013-10-13 01:47 am

Dear Yuletide Author - Yuletide 2013

Dear lovely Yuletide Author,

thank you so much for writing something for me - let me say that in advance, I'll very, very likely love everything you write and I'm already super excited about reading your story. :))

To recap, this year, my wishes were for
The Heat (2013) - Typical fanfiction trope applied to Shannon and Sarah.
Gravity (2013) - Post-movie moments.
The Three Investigators | Die drei ??? - Their lives outside the detective work and how it is influenced by their work.
Monsters University (2013) - Mike or Sully as trans* character.
(My requests word by word are at the bottom of this entry.)

My past years letters are here: Yuletide 2012, Yuletide 2011, and Yuletide 2010.
My username this year is tahanrien.

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2013-03-29 03:27 am


I do have a question for you. I just saw another big bang (no name calling here), where the sign up for writers was at almost a hundred, the one for artists below twenty. And I was like, of course, why would an artist participate in a normal big bang? Isn't it super hostile towards artists? For me, that was clear: If anything, clearly an artist would like a reverse big bang better. But alas, I am no artist, but I have a few on my friendslist I think, so I thought I would ask them, aka: you.

Please only fill it out if you are an artist, know what big bangs are or could/would hypothetically participate as an artist in one.
[Poll #1905029]

Thanks for clearing that up!

(Reverse Big Bang is when the roles of artist and author are switched, like, the artists start working first and their work is the central piece around which the later written stories have to resolve.)
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2013-03-01 01:07 am

Choose your own Adventure

Oh, guys, this here is so good: Bigger Than You Think
Just try it out, it really draws you in. The language and the feeling, even though it's just this naked black text, it totally manages to create an atmosphere and the story is pretty intriguing. Very well done!
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2012-11-05 07:45 am


is going fine. Not brilliant, not good, but I'm not scratching at the last words over the limit either. I really like my story so far, it's very action-y, but writing it in English is kind of hard. Not in the way of writing it down, because there might be the occasional word I have to look up, but sometimes I just fill in the German one; but rather in not being able to reread anything. I know one shouldn't do that during NaNo, and I don't, but I can't even look back at the last sentences I wrote because I instantly notice so many mistakes in grammar and spelling, it's not even funny. But yeah, in itself it works fine. I managed 1k in about 25 minutes yesterday, which is more or less my "write readable/with few typos German" speed. :)

Anyway, the story is really fun. The LI is going to be introduced this chapter and yeah. All excited for that. I love writing contemporary fiction. You can describe someone by having the MC say he has "hipster hair", haha. I guess you could do the same thing for high fantasy, but I can't imagine how. "King Arthur hair"? "Dragonlord Rowan styled pompadour"? "Common soldier arm braces"? Well, I guess if you are really in the matrial you are writing you can, but so few people do.
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2012-10-31 07:12 pm


Wish you all a verrrrrrry wonder- and wordful start into this NaNoWriMo! I'll be heading off to a Kick-Off in under an hour, and I hope your first words will be awesome as well. :))

As always, I still have much to plot, but I'll do that tomorrow morning. For now, I have around 10k of plot at the beginning that I can write, that should be enough.

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2012-10-19 11:15 am

NaNo filter

No worries, I'd never ever filter my regular NaNo posts, because that was the reason I created this LJ in the first place in 2005, so, never, really. But! As my NaNovel is taking shape - so much plot, guys, so much plot - I thought about what I want to do with the raw text after writing and for backing it up and I realized: why not just throw it on LJ. But that would be every day, and that's really a lot to ask of you guys, so I'll create a filter for this.

So, here is the thing: If you want to follow my actual NaNovel text, every day a post in bad English, unedited, with tons of typos and mistakes that will make you cry and probably some German words sprinkled in when I didn't know the English one, tell me so in the comments.

I'll still do my regular NaNo posts, I'll complain, moan and shout, I'll swoon and be happy and I might post excerpts, all outside the filter, but the actual text from every day of writing will be in the filter. You don't have to follow that, only if you really really want to, I don't expect anything there. Only do it if you want to, because, really, it's so much spam, once a day and everything. :)
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2012-10-16 11:08 pm

Yuletide: Dear Author Letter

Dear Yuletide Author,

first, let me say thank you for writing for me. I'm pretty convinced already that your story will be awesome and I hope that Yuletide will be a success for both of us. :)
I wished for Journey (Video Games), Brave (2012), and A Land Fit for Heroes - Richard Morgan this year. You can find my requests at the bottom of this entry word by word. My old Dear Yuletide Author letters are here from 2010 and here from 2011.

With the three requests this time, I wished for, in the short version:
Journey (Video Games) - Just something set in the world, as amazing as it looks while playing.
Brave (2012) - Merida with a female friend.
A Land Fit for Heroes - Richard Morgan - Ringil as a lesbian cis!woman.
But of course, dear YuleWriter, you can decide how and if you want to fill it. In the actual requests I have a few more ideas and it's all explained more and everything, so don't worry, I picked those fandoms with the idea in mind that I would love everything about them. :)

In general I like stories about women/girls more than about men, especially in Yuletide, and in the eternal battle of plot and sex scenes, I'm a loyal companion of plot, though I absolutely don't mind a regular stint into the sex scene camp. I'm a fan of the outsider POV, and of coming-of-age in general, but also of older, more seasoned characters (That's the part that I love most about ALFfH, that the characters already have lived their main hero-making adventure and now stuff just continues to be bad.) I can read most if not all kinks if they are written sensibly (or hot ;)) ). In my normal reading I gravitate towards long plotty stories and good PWPs, so if you want to do either or the middle ground, you don't have to worry. But it's the same with atmospheric pieces, etc. because for me Yuletide is a special place and the fandoms are ones where I normally never read anything, so you will be the person with whom I'll start an albeit small fandom journey for those. I'm all excited about that!

Okay, to the questions that were mentioned on [livejournal.com profile] yuletide_admin:
Do they like/prefer not to get holiday stories? I'm not sure what holiday stories mean in this context, but if it's about the characters celebrating for example Christmas or Yuletide itself... it's not something that I mind in stories, so go ahead, dear Author, if you have an idea for that.
Do they like/prefer not to get crossovers/AUs/gender-bending? I don't have a list of all of my fandoms ready, but if you crossover with something that you're sure I know, go ahead. AUs are awesome and everything related to the topic of gender/sex will be received with open arms.
Do they want dark/fluff/relationship/action adventure? Relationship and action adventure are by all means fine by me, but with dark and fluff it would be awesome if it wasn't be too extreme, but rather more dimmed down. I'm also, sadly, not a big fan of humour in stories.
Are they familiar with the whole series/do they mind spoilers? I never mind spoilers, and as I wrote in the long request version, I'm only just now reading The Cold Commands, but I'll be finished by the holidays.
Do they really want/need all of their requested characters in the story? No, those are just a limited part of what interests me and what I thought might be interesting for you to write. So if you have an awesome idea for some other character, go right ahead.

My requests, word by word )

Okay, I want to thank you in advance and say that I'll try my best to see your story and respond as fast as possible on the 24th. I'm in Germany, so depending on the time when the collection will be opened, I might need a few hours to see, but be assured, I'll hurry. ♥

I hope you have a great time writing and got some inspiration and ideas out of my letter here. :))

Tanrien (tahanrien)
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2012-10-06 03:41 am

Update: Writing Group Dates For This Weekend

As you can see by the subtle subject of this post, I finally had time (just now) to get around finishing up the writing group from two posts ago. It's a bit on short notice, but I sadly didn't manage to do anything this weekend... The dates you see here are based on this poll:

A. Samstag, 6. Oktober 2012 08:00 PM
B. Samstag, 6. Oktober 2012 10:15 PM
C. Sonntag, 7. Oktober 2012 10:00 AM
D. Sonntag, 7. Oktober 2012 10:00 PM

You can find out what dates these are by going to the poll and changing the timezone.

A writing group meeting is two hours long, I'll put the chat for it up later, and you come online just before the beginning, and after it starts, all discussion is forbidden, as well as any other disruption. EEach half an hour you do a Check-in, just saying that you have been working for the last half an hour, that you are still working and will continue. It's supposed to be a serious meeting, actually something here you can't just stop working and start chatting in the middle. You have to be there BEFORE the time, be it 15 minutes before or three, as long as you aren't late. It's called writing group because I personally write, but everyone else who works creatively and can work for two hours straight can participate. I outlined the project in an earlier post, but I'm still working and overthinking it; this is a test run.

A few people filled out the poll and I managed to get dates where only one person didn't have time - *cuddles [livejournal.com profile] rei17* -, but if you are interested and still want in, that's possible as well.

Regardless of whether you filled out the doodle or want in now, it would be awesome if you just quickly told me that stuff, so I'm not waiting for nothing, etc. :) You can also comment, but you don't especially need to tell me if you can't come, only if you want to.

[Poll #1870834]

Hope to see you then!

To The IRC chat #awritinggroup! the two dates for in less then two/four hours are still pending, because it would only be lanoyee and I, so we'll see.
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2012-10-03 11:34 pm

Sentimental Rambling tl;dr

Things are really busy here and I'm not sure when they are going to get better. I haven't been so busy since school, I believe, and wow, that was quite some time ago. But I'm really excited for NaNo and if you want some thoughts on that and stuff, click on the cut. If not, be assured that after friday at least I will have time for a few of these online obligations again. Like NaNo. Whee! :)

boring rambling about writing )
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2012-10-01 11:35 am

Update: writing group

Sorry this is taking so long... either [livejournal.com profile] lanoyee or I need to have time, and I haven't yet written down all the meetings and stuff I have this week (or after...), so I can't choose now. Will try to do that later - there definitely are some dates that look good, but I can't say anything more specific yet.

Other than that... dying, guys, dying. So much to do and after this week, the semester starts again, and while my courses are AWESOME in any and all regards, I still need to write ~400k before the year ends. Yeah. Yeah, I know. And I need to select a topic for my thesis and write it and ten thousand other things. We'll see each other again next year in May, yeah? :')
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2012-09-23 11:37 pm

Writing Group!

First test run!

If you are interested, fill out this doodle for finding a date for a meeting.
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2012-09-04 12:28 am

Another day

Have 9k left to finish.
Write 8k.
Have 4k left to finish.
Write 1k.
Have 6k left to finish.

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2012-09-03 07:46 am


Still hating. Sorry, this will take a while.

If it's important, write sms or, like, come over.
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2012-09-01 10:18 pm


I hate this story. Hate Hate Hate. I'm going to finish it, then I'm going to correct it, then I'm going to print it out, then I'm going to delete the file, and then I'll burn the printed out version. (Sadly, flash drives are still too expensive for that although all the plastic would maybe go out prettier, who knows.)

Will be offline until the story is finished though.
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2012-06-10 11:06 pm

Just leaving that here

Humble Indie Bundle V - pay as much as you want, get a bundle of indie games, some really critically acclaimed, like LIMBO. :)


I'm doing a delicious account with all the Teen Wolf fic I read: delicious.com/teenwolfrecs. Most of it is Derek/Stiles, because duh.
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2012-06-01 04:56 pm

Älter und älter und älter

Zwei Wochen noch...

Ein paar Links...

. Glee - letzter Song der dritten Staffel - Rachel D'': )
Oh man, ich schau das ja jetzt schon seit Anfang des Jahres nicht mehr, nachdem ich ein Jahr im Fandom verbracht habe. Und jetzt war das halt die letzte Episode der Staffel und, seufz.

. Beats Antique - Runaway )
Seeeehr guter Sound, von [livejournal.com profile] zeffy_amethyst empfohlen bekommen.

. Sensei no Bulge - Shonen Manga, drei Kapitel bis jetzt und so Hero's Journey, dass es richtig Spaß macht.

. Codecademy - sowas wie DuoLingo fürs Programmieren. Ein bisschen groß für meinen kleinen Netbook-Bildschrim, aber was ich bisher gesehen habe, hat mit gefallen. Kostenlos. Bei 20 Things I Should Have Known At 20 gesehen.

. Und, zum Schluss, meet my new fandom: Teen Wolf! )
Die Serie selber muss wohl super schlecht sein, der Hauptcharakter fürchterlich, aber das Fandom ist fantastisch mit einem super Pairing und, vor allem, mit Werwölfen! Werewölfe! Instant Win!
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2012-05-23 01:08 am


Je länger ich darüber nachdenke, desto mehr komme ich zu dem Schluss, dass meine ersten Kapitel immer doof sind, wenn ich sie plotte - weil ich viel zu viel reintue. Gah. Was heißt, dass ich das Kapitel von letztens verlängern muss, um es passend zu machen, ruhiger, wie ein Anfang halt ist. Ich hasse sowas.
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2012-05-19 08:31 am

One Piece and ASOIAF

Let's be honest, the art is ugly as hell needs very, very much getting used to, but the storylines and how tension is kept up - wow. Reminds me of ASOIAF: Small units, each one complete-with-cliffhanger, each advancing different storylines. But in OP it's much more prominent... and I love that even though there is so much fighting, the last scenes are always slowed down, to drag out the emotional point... and then the chapter ends.

I mean, I'm not even reading OP at the moment, because the art is so bad, but I think it deserves the place as one of the Big 3.