May. 12th, 2012 03:29 am
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Hab nur den Artikel, nicht das Papier selbst, aber...

Inzwischen veröffentlichte die Verwertungsgesellschaft Wort (VG Wort), die die Tantiemen aus Zweitverwertungsrechten an Sprachwerken, auch von Funk und Fernsehen, in Deutschland verwaltet, ein Positionspapier mit einem nachhaltigen Bekenntnis zum geltenden Urheberrecht: „Der Urheber ist der Schöpfer des Werkes. Ihm stehen Urheberpersönlichkeitsrechte und Verwertungsrechte zu. Werknutzungen ohne Zustimmung des Urhebers sind unzulässig, wenn das Gesetz sie nicht ausdrücklich erlaubt. Auch Bearbeitungen und sonstige Änderungen des Werkes bedürfen grundsätzlich der Erlaubnis des Urhebers. Erlaubt sind dagegen ,freie Benutzungen’, bei denen in Anlehnung an ein fremdes Werk ein neues selbständiges Werk geschaffen wird. An diesen Grundsätzen ist in der digitalen Welt festzuhalten.“ -- ZEIT online

Was meint das? ... Klingt für mich ja nach Fanfiction?
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/me is now member of the OTW.

I use the AO3 so often now, I have to say thanks somehow. :)


Apr. 13th, 2012 01:44 am
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Reading Eames/Arthur (Inception) like woah. Before that I went through almost all better Courgar/Jensen (The Losers) stories and also watched the movie again. Can't, well, won't reread the comic because I srsly can't watch Cougar die (again) :((((( And since we are already at Jensen, who is played by Captain America, I will have to watch out for Los vengadores... The Avengers. :) I want to watch it in Spanish, but I'll have to wait forever for it... Also still need to watch The Iron Lady and continue reading Choque de Reyes/Clash of Kings. I'm at page ... 5, because I started over again and again, in different languages.

Apart from that, I really, really, really have to get back into writing. I signed up for like a thousand Big Bangs, promised a million stories to people, and have tons of ideas on top of that. Hot original superhero-fiction, anyone? You will get plenty of that.

Otherwise, everything is okay. :)


Feb. 26th, 2012 01:54 pm
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Someone on there and willing to send me an invite? I kind of would like to save all the pretty stuff I see on there... and the easiest way to do this seems to be to get an account there.



Feb. 25th, 2012 10:49 pm
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Life is good, I guess :)
At least I have a goal, like why I should learn to speak Spanish really fluent: To flirt with the spanish girls in the elevator, of course! Never mind university! Erasmus = no te preocupes!

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Weirdest thing I own?

A bottle (0,5 litre) of holy water.

Though I don't know what I would use it for: You can christen a dying person with normal water just fine and I doubt my life is ever going to be a Supernatural episode...

edit: Okay, the original soil from Bethlehem is in direct competition.


Feb. 6th, 2012 01:16 am
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Manchmal liest man ja seine eigenen Sachen von vor einiger Zeit und ist absolut begeistert.

Ich hab jetzt die letzte Stunde damit verbracht, in Im Exil zu schwelgen. Es ist eine 23k Science Fiction-Novella über einen jungen Missionsleiter der Föderation, der auf einem abgeschlagenen Planeten die Eingeborenen retten soll. Ich weiß noch genau drei Sachen über die Entstehung:
1. Der Protagonist, mit Namen, Hintergrund und Charakter, ist einem Kommilitonen nachempfunden, kurz nachdem ich ihn in der Einführungswoche kennengelernt hatte.
2. Ich habe zwei Tage praktisch durchgeschrieben (für 23k!), zwei Tage lang nur getippt in einem endlos langsamen Tempo und konnte die ganze Zeit an nichts anderes außer an die Geschichte denken.
3. In meinem Kopf wird es immer meine originale Version von einer Fusion aus Avatar, den ich immerhin dreimal sehen musste, und Inception, den ich unspektakulär fand, bleiben.

... und jetzt muss ich lernen.

Außerdem bin ich jetzt bei goodreads. :D Und ich liebe die App schon jetzt. Ich muss ja eh diese Woche einmal alle Bücher in Kisten räumen, da kann ich direkt alle Bücher mit dem Barcode-Scanner hinzufügen. Sehr praktisch!
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... really, Jadzia Dax, how are you so hot?


Jan. 18th, 2012 07:42 am
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Mein Leben ist eine ewig wachsende To-Do-Liste.
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i.e. fandom post.

Dear [ profile] sharply_unclear, I hate you for what you did to me, posting stuff like that - think of the students during pre-exam time! :(

Garak/Bashir though ... ♥

Other Pairings for which you, yes, all of you can send recs my way if you want me to keep procrastinating:
Sherlock/John - pre-slash / gen preferred, because they are adorable and I clicked on a link on my FL and now I'm spoiled for the ending of the newest/third/last episode... Also, I read awesome FTM!Sherlock, here.
Marcus/Esca - only canon fic, because it's not the character's that are the most fascinating but the time period with the whole Roman occupation. I already loved that when I read Manda Scott's Boudica series...

On another, more female note:
Korra clips! Oh! So! Awesome!
Beware of Spoilers: ALL the clips! In one video!

Aaand, last but not least:
I'm currently writing Versprechen/Rache (Link to, which I wanted to be short and feel-good-y and now it turned dark and plotty because that's what all my stories develop into: grim coming-of-age adventure tales. :/
Als Emis seinem Vater verspricht, dessen alte Rolle als Begleiter der schwarzen Krieger zu übernehmen, weiß er, dass er alle seine eigenen Ziele begraben kann. Denn ein Begleiter lebt für die Krieger und die Krieger für ihn. Doch es ist nicht alles so einfach, wie es aussieht - und wenn er die Chance hat, wird Emis seine Krieger opfern, um Gerechtigtkeit zu erhalten?
For warnings, see the first chapter.
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I actually forgot to copy my words into on Friday...
... I'm so angry right now. :( I mean, really, I wrote all these stupid words and then I forgot to copy them! January challenge, goodbye. "Complete 750words in 2012" new year resolution, goodbye.

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I got four, FOUR stories this round of Yuletide and all of them are simply amazing!

Two Megamind ones:

A New (and slightly ridiculous) Hope (1618 words) by faviconRoadstergal
Fandom: Megamind (2010)
Rating: General Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Megamind/Roxanne Ritchie
Characters: Minion (Megamind), Megamind, Roxanne Ritchie

Metro City needs a new hero. Someone brave, honorable, bulletproof, photogenic, and possibly named Roxanne.

Farewell to the Old Me (216 words) by faviconmollyscribbles
Fandom: Megamind (2010)
Rating: General Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Roxanne Ritchie, Megamind, The Mayor

A snippet of what might have happened if Roxanne had gotten Metro Man's powers

And two for Pan's Labyrinth:

Returning to the Deep (1328 words) by favicontristesses
Fandom: El Laberinto del Fauno | Pan's Labyrinth (2006)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Mercedes (Pan's Labyrinth), Ofelia

Mercedes, dreaming and waking.

Dream of Better Worlds (725 words) by faviconamelia_petkova
Fandom: El Laberinto del Fauno | Pan's Labyrinth (2006)
Rating: General Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Mercedes (Pan's Labyrinth), Ofelia

Long after the end, Mercedes dreams about Ofelia.

I'm still ridiculously happy about all of them and they totally went above all my expectations. :DDD

Myself, I wrote two full-sized stories but abandoned one because I felt more comfortable this way. (Even though I like both of them.) :)
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For you English-speakers, just skip the first part, it's only a small introduction: Ms Sophie is having a dinner with her four best friends for her 90th birthday - but, sadly, her friends are already long dead. It's a very funny short film that many people in Germany watch traditionally on New Years Eve. :)

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Ich kann nicht schlafen, also lese ich bei SPON Serien- Zusammenfassungen. Und finde


Sind Troy und Abed wirklich mittlerweile Canon????
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"Hey, Loup?"
"Could you do what Raimundo did? Throw me over your shoulder?"
"Yeah, sure." Loup propped herself on one elbow. "You liked it?"
"No!" Pilar said indignantly. "But, might be kind of fun if you did it. And then you could ravage me."
"That, too."
Loup smiled. "Okay."
"Oh, good." Pilar wriggled happily.
-- p. 47, Saints Astray by Jacqueline Carey


Dec. 24th, 2011 04:06 pm
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Schöne Feiertage euch allen! Erholt euch gut und lasst euch, wenn gegeben, gut beschenken. ;D


Dec. 24th, 2011 06:25 am
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Do you know the feeling, when you're reading a really long and emotional story, until it's six o'clock in the morning... You are at the last part and you have this horrible, terrible, heartbreaking, cruel and absolutely brutal prediction about what will be revealed at the end? And it'll be the worst thing that ever happened to the characters, and, in this moment? To the whole world. And you just know that it'll be like a punch to the face, it'll steal your breath and make you cry? And it will hurt so good, so you continue reading anyway, because you need to, because you want that, even if you hate it with passion.

Reading hurts, but you simply cannot stop!

And then you reach the end...

And your prediction was wrong.


Holiday greetings coming in later, I really need to sleep. I'm all hyped up, because I seriously expected this HUGE discovery at the end of the story, so I just wasn't able to stop.
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OMG, sooooooooooooooooooooo gut!
Wann war das letzte Mal, dass ich ein Buch einfach von vorne nach hinten an einem Nachmittag/Abend durchgelesen habe, ohne groß Pause zu machen?

Santa Olivia ist super spannend. Ist von Jacqueline Carey und...
- post-epidemische Welt: CHECK!
- Queere Charaktere: CHECK!
- Lesbische Protagonistin: CHECK!
- ... mit Superkräften: CHECK!
- Genetische Experimente: CHECK!
- Super Romanze: CHECK!
- Heißen Sex: CHECK!
- Million Dollar Baby Plot: CHECK!

There is no pity in Santa Olivia. And no escape. In this isolated military buffer zone between Mexico and the U.S., the citizens of Santa Olivia are virtually powerless. Then an unlikely heroine is born. She is the daughter of a man genetically manipulated by the government to be a weapon. A “Wolf-Man,” he was engineered to have superhuman strength, speed, stamina, and senses, as well as a total lack of fear. Named for her vanished father, Loup Garron has inherited his gifts.

Frustrated by the injustices visited upon her friends and neighbors by the military occupiers, Loup is determined to avenge her community. Aided by a handful of her fellow orphans, Loup takes on the guise of their patron saint, Santa Olivia, and sets out to deliver vigilante justice — aware that if she is caught, she could lose her freedom… and possibly her life.



Also, LJ, your new comment system is really, really ugly.
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warning for Lana Del Rey's lips )

I wanted to write about some stuff but then it's too late now...
So, quick list. I wanted to write about having too much to write, like, 6 stories until Christmas? About people thinking you're heterosexual, lolwhat. About Christmas presents. About writing in English, and publishing, and for-fun-stories, and cookies, and the atrocious state of my room. But it's after eight now, so. Maybe later!
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