Oct. 16th, 2012

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Dear Yuletide Author,

first, let me say thank you for writing for me. I'm pretty convinced already that your story will be awesome and I hope that Yuletide will be a success for both of us. :)
I wished for Journey (Video Games), Brave (2012), and A Land Fit for Heroes - Richard Morgan this year. You can find my requests at the bottom of this entry word by word. My old Dear Yuletide Author letters are here from 2010 and here from 2011.

With the three requests this time, I wished for, in the short version:
Journey (Video Games) - Just something set in the world, as amazing as it looks while playing.
Brave (2012) - Merida with a female friend.
A Land Fit for Heroes - Richard Morgan - Ringil as a lesbian cis!woman.
But of course, dear YuleWriter, you can decide how and if you want to fill it. In the actual requests I have a few more ideas and it's all explained more and everything, so don't worry, I picked those fandoms with the idea in mind that I would love everything about them. :)

In general I like stories about women/girls more than about men, especially in Yuletide, and in the eternal battle of plot and sex scenes, I'm a loyal companion of plot, though I absolutely don't mind a regular stint into the sex scene camp. I'm a fan of the outsider POV, and of coming-of-age in general, but also of older, more seasoned characters (That's the part that I love most about ALFfH, that the characters already have lived their main hero-making adventure and now stuff just continues to be bad.) I can read most if not all kinks if they are written sensibly (or hot ;)) ). In my normal reading I gravitate towards long plotty stories and good PWPs, so if you want to do either or the middle ground, you don't have to worry. But it's the same with atmospheric pieces, etc. because for me Yuletide is a special place and the fandoms are ones where I normally never read anything, so you will be the person with whom I'll start an albeit small fandom journey for those. I'm all excited about that!

Okay, to the questions that were mentioned on [livejournal.com profile] yuletide_admin:
Do they like/prefer not to get holiday stories? I'm not sure what holiday stories mean in this context, but if it's about the characters celebrating for example Christmas or Yuletide itself... it's not something that I mind in stories, so go ahead, dear Author, if you have an idea for that.
Do they like/prefer not to get crossovers/AUs/gender-bending? I don't have a list of all of my fandoms ready, but if you crossover with something that you're sure I know, go ahead. AUs are awesome and everything related to the topic of gender/sex will be received with open arms.
Do they want dark/fluff/relationship/action adventure? Relationship and action adventure are by all means fine by me, but with dark and fluff it would be awesome if it wasn't be too extreme, but rather more dimmed down. I'm also, sadly, not a big fan of humour in stories.
Are they familiar with the whole series/do they mind spoilers? I never mind spoilers, and as I wrote in the long request version, I'm only just now reading The Cold Commands, but I'll be finished by the holidays.
Do they really want/need all of their requested characters in the story? No, those are just a limited part of what interests me and what I thought might be interesting for you to write. So if you have an awesome idea for some other character, go right ahead.

My requests, word by word )

Okay, I want to thank you in advance and say that I'll try my best to see your story and respond as fast as possible on the 24th. I'm in Germany, so depending on the time when the collection will be opened, I might need a few hours to see, but be assured, I'll hurry. ♥

I hope you have a great time writing and got some inspiration and ideas out of my letter here. :))

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